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With his first release in almost two decades, Pittsburgh-based artist One Left Standing starts on a journey to provide an unfiltered, elder emo view of transformation. While his 2004 release landed him on the front page of PureVolume, a 2006 recording studio experience left emotional scars that triggered a complete retreat and distancing from creating or playing music. Only after finding those failed recordings 15 years later did he summon the angels to overcome self-doubt, strike down the demons that broke his wings, and regain the confidence to write and perform again.

Whatever Feels Right tells stories which deeply explore anxiety, depression, regret, hope, beauty, and kindness. "What I write comes from both my conscious and subconscious mind," One Left Standing says. "I spent years expanding my awareness of fears, beliefs, desires and memories. Accessing my mind in this way has helped me to write freely without constraint or feeling like a song has to always be happy or fit nicely into a box."

Being pegged as one genre or another was never a concern for One Left Standing this time around. "I remember playing the songs for friends and they were surprised at the genre-bending from song to song," he recalls. "Sticking to one genre (Emo, Americana, Folk, or Pop Punk) was not as important to me as was getting back into music so that I can continue working on being a better version of myself."

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